How do I get started with my kiosk?

Sellers enrolled in Pro Seller by TCGplayer have access to an in-store kiosk that makes it easy for customers to shop and place orders in your store. If you use channel management to set your My Store prices, you’re ready to set up your kiosk.


In this guide:

Kiosk Accounts

Create Account(s)

Kiosk Settings

Best Practices

Kiosk Accounts

To make a computer usable as a kiosk, you’ll need to make sure your store information is up-to-date in your TCGplayer Pro Settings page, and then you can log in as a kiosk account via As a Pro seller, you can create as many kiosk accounts as you want for you and your employees—but keep in mind the following restrictions:

  • You cannot log into multiple devices with a single kiosk account.
  • Each kiosk account is associated with an email address, which cannot be associated with any other user accounts.

Create Account(s)

1. Within your Seller Portal, navigate to the TCGplayer Pro Settings tab and click on Set User Roles.

A screenshot of the TCGplayer Pro Settings page with the mouse selecting the Set User Roles button.

2. Click Add Kiosk User.

A screenshot of the Set User Roles page with the mouse over the Add Kiosk User button.

3. Choose how many accounts you want to make and click Continue. You can create up to five accounts at once.

Note: If you create more than one account at once, you’ll have the option to create a single password for all of them. You can edit those passwords later.

A screenshot of the Add New Kiosk User(s) popup. This screen allows you to enter a number of kiosk users to generate and select if you want to create a shared password.

4. Enter a password and click Continue.

A screenshot of the Password Setup popup. This allows you to create a password for the kiosk user accounts you are creating. Enter your password in both fields and Continue.

5. Enter a first and last name for your kiosk account and click Continue.

A screenshot of the Kiosk User Setup popup. This screen allows you to enter a first and last name for the kiosk users you are creating.

6. Enter a new email address for this account and click Save. The email will automatically end with @yourstorename. This doesn't have to be an actual email address and you'll only be using this as a username to log into your kiosk.

Note: You will not be able to change this email later, and each email can only be associated with one user account.

A screenshot of the Review Kiosk User(s) popup. This screen asks you to create a login email address for the kiosk users you are creating. These will not be real email addresses, but instead will end in

7. After saving, you’ll see a success message. You should now see your new kiosk user in your Users table.

A screenshot of the User Creation Complete success popup. This screen will confirm the number of kiosk accounts created.

A screenshot showing newly created kiosk accounts in the users table view.

Kiosk Settings

A screenshot of the TCGplayer Pro Settings Kiosk Settings page. This offers customization options outlined below.

Setting up your kiosk is easy, and only involves a few simple steps.


Enter the name you want to give your kiosk. The name you give will display in the browser tab


Upload your website logo. This image will appear in the top-left corner of your kiosk. Your logo should be 235x50 pixels.


Select a light or a dark UI theme for your kiosk. This will adjust the background color on your website to be light or dark. It will also change the font color to be readable for the theme you select.

Buylist Enabled

Check the box to the right to activate your Buylist for your In-Store Kiosk. Buylist prices are maintained on the TCGPlayer Buylist tab.

Events Calendar Enabled

Enables or disables the Events Calendar for Kiosk

Accessing Kiosk

Kiosk can be accessed using the link at the bottom of the Kiosk Settings page. Make sure to set up a Kiosk User in the User Roles section of TCGPlayer Pro Settings.
For details on how to set up a Kiosk User, please see the Create Account(s) section.

See In-Store Orders in Your Orders Tab

Once your customers place an order using your kiosk, you'll be able to see it as an In-Store Pickup Pay Later order in your Orders tab and you can manage them from there. For more info, refer to Managing In-Store Pickup Pay Later Orders.

Best Practices

Follow these recommendations to get the most out of your kiosk:

  • Set up your kiosk somewhere your customers will find it easily and use signs or sticky notes to let them know they can use it. Make sure your customers won’t be in each other’s way while they’re browsing.

  • Try setting up a kiosk on a computer with a keyboard and mouse, so your customers can browse quickly and easily.

  • Set up another computer nearby your kiosk with your Pro website. This will help your customers search your store in whichever way they prefer.

  • You can display products on your kiosk that you only want to sell in-store using our channel management tools. Plus, you can set different prices in-store and online.

  • Your kiosk integrates your Pro settings from your website, so be sure to customize your settings. For example, if you hide out-of-stock inventory in your Pro settings, this selection will apply to both your website and your kiosk.

Change Log

  • 4/13/22 - Removed outdated video.
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