TCGplayer Store Your Products (SYP) Accounts are separate accounts from your traditional Direct/Pro accounts where your Inventory and Orders are managed by TCGplayer.

What is Store Your Products (SYP)?


SYP is a new program where we give you the option to send and store Inventory at TCGplayer’s Authentication Center. You can then manage your prices remotely while TCGplayer handles the physical inventory management and fulfills orders on your behalf.

As a SYP participant we will create a new store for you on our Marketplace from which you can manage prices remotely.

There are currently two tiers of SYP available: Standard and Pro.

Standard SYP accounts will have the same fees as TCGplayer Direct accounts.

Pro SYP accounts will have the same fees as TCGplayer Pro accounts. However, having a Pro account will give you access to our MassPrice and Quicklist apps that will help with pricing and building CSVs. 

Please Note: if you already have a TCGplayer Pro account you will not be able to use MassPrice/Quicklist from your other account for this new account.


How does Store Your Products (SYP) benefit me?


SYP offers a variety of benefits to sellers. Here are some of the top benefits you will be able to take advantage of:

Fastest Payments: Sales made through SYP Accounts will be flagged for payment after four days. This is currently our fastest way to be paid on TCGplayer and twice as fast as Direct Sales. 

Cost Management: With SYP, you simply send us products and manage prices. Let us worry about labor, postage, and storage costs. 

Enhanced Buylist: With SYP Accounts, utilize an enhanced Buylist, since your products will be stored at TCGplayer you can buy and sell products without ever having to touch them.


Am I Eligible for Store Your Products (SYP)?


Once you meet the following criteria, you are eligible to apply for our SYP program:

  • Level 4 seller
  • 99.5% Feedback Rating over the past 30 days
  • Direct Eligible inventory of approximately 500 cards.
  • Average card value of $2

Note: Higher quantities of each card sent is recommended


What do I need to start my Store Your Products (SYP) Account


If you are interested in applying for SYP Account reach out to our Sales team here to get things started. 

Once you are ready to start selling, our customer service team will then begin the creation of your new account. In the meantime these are the things you will need to complete your account creation:

  • New Store Name
    • Your store name must be different from your main account
  • Email Address for logging into your account
    • This must be a separate email account than the one used on your main account.
  • New Banking Information for payments
    • You cannot use the same banking information for your main account and your SYP Account.

What are the requirements for SYP shipments?

There are a few criteria your SYP shipment must meet to be accepted:

  • 500 cards minimum per shipment.
  • $2.00 ACV: The average card value (ACV) of your shipment should be at least $2.00. The ACV of a shipment is its average card value - the average of all its cards' market prices.
  • 50% Match: At least 50% of a SYP shipment's contents must be cards that are listed in the SYP Pull Sheet in order to be approved. The SYP Pull Sheet is a regularly updated list of what cards are currently desired in the program. You can read more about the SYP Pull Sheet here. If a shipment's ACV is above $3.00, its match rate will not carry as much weight, as illustrated in the table below.


You can learn more about the process of SYP approval, packing, and shipping best practices here.

How will payments work?


SYP offers the fastest payment option. Your sales will become payable four days after the order is placed. In addition to this SYP accounts are protected from cancellation and refund requests.

Change Log

  • 8/11/22 - Updated SYP eligibility requirements.
  • 5/5/23 - Added shipment requirements section.
  • 5/8/23 - Small edits to criteria language.
  • 6/14/23 - Updated requirements for SYP shipments.
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