Direct Seller Agreement

About the Direct Seller Agreement

In order to sell items through the Direct by TCGplayer (“Direct”) program within the TCGplayer Marketplace (the “Marketplace”) on (the “Site”), you (as a Direct “seller”) must accept this Direct Seller Agreement ("Agreement”), which is in addition to our Marketplace Seller Agreement. By participating in the Direct by TCGplayer program, you agree to be bound by this Direct Seller Agreement.

The Site is operated by TCGplayer, Inc. (“TCGplayer,” “we,” or “us”), which reserves the right to make changes to this Direct Seller Agreement at any time. Changes to this Agreement are effective when the changes are posted to the Site. Continued participation in the Direct by TCGplayer program constitutes your agreement to any changes. It is your responsibility to review the changes and decide if you want to continue to use Direct. Changes to the Direct Seller Agreement may occur without prior notice to you.

This Direct Seller Agreement is exclusive to the Direct by TCGplayer program and does not govern add-on programs such as Buylist and Store Your Products.

Selling with Direct by TCGplayer

Direct by TCGplayer seeks to revolutionize the shopping experience by fulfilling Direct customer (i.e., buyer) orders on behalf of Direct sellers with products within TCGplayer’s Authentication Center. When a product a seller has listed in Direct sells, TCGplayer will inform the seller what products have been sold and fulfilled on the seller’s behalf, and the seller will reimburse TCGplayer for the products in the form of a Reimbursement Invoice (“RI”). For more details about Reimbursement Invoices, see the Reimbursing TCGplayer for Fulfilled Orders section of this Agreement.

TCGplayer may modify the methodology and tools utilized to fulfill Direct orders at any time without notifying Direct sellers. This allows TCGplayer to continuously improve services to benefit both sellers and buyers utilizing Direct.

Eligibility for Direct

To be eligible for Direct, sellers must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Level 4 seller on the TCGplayer Marketplace
  • Have a 99.5% feedback rating over the past 30 days
  • Have approximately 3,000 unique Direct-eligible products listed on the Site
  • Make 100 sales per month, averaging $600 per week

Sellers who meet this criteria and are interested in Direct must submit an application. TCGplayer will review the application and inform the seller if they do or do not meet the eligibility requirements.

Reimbursing TCGplayer for Fulfilled Orders

Direct sellers will reimburse TCGplayer for products sold through Direct on the seller’s behalf in the form of Reimbursement Invoices containing products that match the product’s ID and quantity sold and meet the condition of the products sold. TCGplayer generates RIs three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, when the seller’s total Direct sales reach or surpass $300, or it has been 14 days since the seller’s last RI generation, whichever occurs first.

If a seller or TCGplayer places the seller’s account on hold for any reason, the seller will be required to reimburse TCGplayer for Direct products sold prior to the hold being enacted. For more information on shipping timelines and requirements, see the RI Shipment Requirements section of this Agreement.

If a product associated with an RI is not received or does not match the product ID, quantity, or condition expected by TCGplayer, the seller will be charged a Replacement Fee for that product. See the Replacement Fees section of this Agreement for more details. Direct sellers are required to maintain a high level of accuracy for products submitted as part of RIs. To learn more, see the Reimbursement Invoice (RI) Accuracy section of this Agreement.

Reimbursement Invoice (RI) Accuracy

RIs are the means by which sellers reimburse TCGplayer for products shipped to buyers on their behalf; therefore, accuracy within RIs is essential to maintaining a positive experience for buyers and sellers utilizing Direct.

RI discrepancies should total no greater than 2% of an RI’s total expected contents, meaning the RI should have a minimum 98% accuracy rate. TCGplayer reserves the right to enforce this policy, including the removal of Direct sellers who consistently fail to meet this expectation.

RI error rate is calculated by dividing the total number of discrepancies identified by the quantity of products expected and multiplying by 100 (error rate = discrepancies / expected products * 100).

RI discrepancies are defined as:

  • Missing - An expected card is not present. This includes when the incorrect version of a product has been received instead of the expected version.
  • Condition - A card has been received at a lower-than-expected condition level.
  • Extra - An unexpected card is present. This includes an incorrect version of a product received in place of the expected version.

When an incorrect release or printing of a product is received (ie: a card with the correct name but from the wrong set), the expected product is marked missing, and the incorrectly received product is marked extra, resulting in a count of two discrepancies. This has been incorporated into the 2% error rate policy stated in this Agreement.

RI Packing Requirements

The following RI packing requirements are in place to ensure a consistent and positive experience for all Direct sellers. If a seller is unable to meet these requirements at any time, they must inform the TCGplayer Customer Experience team.

  • Sellers must address RIs to “TCGplayer RI.” Labeling RIs this way helps to ensure they are properly sorted at intake so that we can issue payment reliably and without delay. For more information about shipping RIs, see the RI Shipment Requirements section of this Agreement.
  • Sellers must include a hard copy of the packing slip within the package. This allows us to accurately match the paperwork with the shipping label and the products within the RI.
  • Sellers must pack the products in the order indicated on the RI Packing Slip. Cards out of order result in slow processing times and are more likely to cause errors during processing.
  • For trading card games, sellers may only sleeve cards valued at $25 or greater. Over-sleeving results in slow processing times both for sellers and TCGplayer.
  • Sellers must not use “perfect fit” sleeves. We remove sleeves to properly authenticate and review cards. Perfect fit sleeves are difficult to remove and may lead to condition downgrades or even damage to products.
  • Sellers must package products in a way that preserves their integrity. Loose cards, rubber bands, excessive tape, and other non-standard packaging practices risk damage to incoming products.
  • Sellers may not send products and/or packages smelling of smoke or other substances. In order to protect buyers, the health and safety of our team members, and the integrity of our inventory, TCGplayer will reject material that passes visual inspection but gives off a noticeable scent of smoke or other chemicals.

TCGplayer reserves the right to reject incoming RIs that do not conform to these packing requirements. TCGplayer will inform sellers if an RI is rejected for noncompliance. The seller will pay the shipping fee for shipments returned due to noncompliance.

RI Shipment Requirements

The following RI shipment requirements are in place to ensure that Direct inventory is replenished regularly. When RIs are not shipped by a seller in a timely manner, Direct buyers and sellers may be negatively impacted by unavailability of Direct products. Additionally, sellers are not paid for a sale until the corresponding RI arrives in the Authentication Center, so the sooner a seller sends the RI, the sooner the funds will be released.

It is a seller’s responsibility to ensure the safe delivery of RIs to TCGplayer’s Authentication Center. TCGplayer makes an effort to monitor for expected RIs, but is under no obligation to investigate, alert, or otherwise address when a package does not arrive for any reason.

Sellers must ship RIs according to the following requirements:

  • Sellers must address RIs to the following:

    TCGplayer RI
    5640 E. TAFT #3267
    SYRACUSE NY 13220

  • Sellers must apply accurate tracking to the RI in TCGplayer’s Admin Panel within 24 hours of generation. When applying a tracking number to an RI in the Admin Panel, you agree that the tracking information is accurate and associated with the physical RI in question. You may not upload tracking that will knowingly be changed at a later date. Incorrect tracking information limits TCGplayer’s ability to investigate when a package goes missing and may prevent you from opening claims with a delivery service if a package is mishandled. If the Admin Panel is unable to accept the format of a tracking number, you must send a message to TCGplayer Customer Experience informing us of the tracking number.
  • If the tracking information changes due to unforeseen circumstances, sellers must update the tracking number in TCGplayer’s Admin Panel.
  • Sellers must ensure a delivery service is in possession of the RI within four business days of generation.

TCGplayer will enforce these RI policies through the following means:

  • TCGplayer reserves the right to cancel RIs with or without notice if an RI does not have tracking applied in TCGplayer’s Admin Panel within 24 hours of generation.
  • TCGplayer reserves the right to cancel RIs that are not verifiably in possession of a delivery service within four business days of generation.
  • TCGplayer will consider RIs that have not been received by the Authentication Center within 30 calendar days of generation “non-delivered,” regardless of shipping status, and will cancel non-delivered RIs. The seller will be responsible for the replacement fees associated with non-delivered products.
  • TCGplayer reserves the right to remove sellers from the Direct by TCGplayer program if the seller displays a pattern of lateness or non-delivered RIs.
  • If a seller ships a canceled RI to TCGplayer after it has been canceled, TCGplayer will ship the canceled RI to the address listed in the store’s account. TCGplayer will cover the cost of return shipping and provide a tracking number to the seller.

Marketplace Fees and Shipping Replacement Costs that TCGplayer collects from Direct sales will not be refunded for non-received or canceled RIs. These funds help to cover the cost of TCGplayer fulfilling the Direct order on the seller’s behalf. For more information, see the Marketplace Fees and Shipping Replacement Cost sections in this Agreement.

If a seller anticipates a delay with any shipment, they must notify TCGplayer Customer Experience as soon as possible.

In the event of a banking holiday falling on the day of an RI generation, the RI will generate as usual, but TCGplayer will take the holiday into consideration when evaluating timeliness of arrival.

If a seller has multiple RIs they wish to ship TCGplayer at one time, they may ship them in a single package by following the steps below:

  • Inform TCGplayer Customer Experience which RIs will be sent in a single package.
  • Clearly separate and label the RIs within the package.
  • Label all team bags and boxes within the package to indicate the associated RI and the proper order of the cards (ex: “10/31 pack 1”).
  • Apply the correct tracking number in the TCGplayer Admin Panel to all RIs within the package.

If a seller has a very large RI they wish to ship TCGplayer across multiple shipments, they may ship them separately by following the steps below:

  • Inform TCGplayer Customer Experience which RI will be sent in multiple packages.
  • In your message to TCGplayer, clearly indicate the tracking number associated with each shipment (ex: “Shipment 1 tracking number: XXXXXXXX”).
  • Include the first page of the RI’s invoice in each box and clearly label the RI contents according to how many packages are expected (ex: “Shipment 1 of 3”).
  • Label all team bags and boxes within the package to indicate the proper order of the cards (ex: “pack 1”).

Authentication and Review of Material

TCGplayer reserves the right to authenticate and review all products shipped by Direct sellers to TCGplayer for accuracy, quantity and condition. Products that do not fit these criteria will be returned to the seller and subject to a Replacement Fee. See the Replacement Fees section of this Agreement for more information.

TCGplayer will return products that do not pass review to the seller in the form of Seller Extra Inventory (SEI). Sellers may ask for feedback on rejected material in the form of a “Detailed SEI”. For more information on SEI, see the Seller Extra Inventory (SEI) section of this Agreement.

Seller Extra Inventory (SEI)

Extra products received in an RI and products that do not pass review will be added to the seller’s Seller Extra Inventory (SEI). Sellers may view the contents of their SEI at any time in the Admin Panel. SEI is shipped to sellers free of charge whenever their SEI reaches a quantity of 160 products, OR the seller has not received an SEI in the last 90 days.

Sellers may request their SEI be shipped to them at any time. The seller’s account will be debited for the cost of shipping any SEI requested less than 30 days after their most recently generated SEI return.

A seller’s first SEI return will be in the form of a Detailed SEI, in which TCGplayer will communicate the reason why a selection of cards did not pass review. Sellers may request additional Detailed SEIs at a frequency of no more than once every 30 days.

Replacement Fees

When a product is not received or is rejected during authentication and review, the seller’s account will be debited the cost of a replacement product in the form of a Replacement Fee. The Replacement Fee consists of the higher of the sale price of the card from the order in question or the average price that the card has sold for in its 50 most recent transactions on the TCGplayer Marketplace (i.e.: Market Price).

Marketplace Fees

Marketplace Fees apply to Direct Orders in accordance with our Marketplace Seller Agreement. Generally, for all items sold through the Marketplace, including Direct, TCGplayer charges a fee based on a percentage of the sale price, as set forth in the Fees help file. Sellers are responsible for paying this fee, which will be automatically deducted from the earnings received from a Direct sale. Fees may change at any time without notice. The fee in effect on the date of the sale of the item shall govern the transaction. Sellers may view the latest fee structure on the Fees help file. By listing an item for sale in Direct, the seller agrees to pay the applicable fees and any collection costs related to non-payment of fees. All fees are payable upon demand via the seller’s bank account. By listing an item for sale on the Site, the seller authorizes TCGplayer to debit their bank account for amounts due. Marketplace fees are non-refundable for Direct orders.

Shipping Replacement Cost

Direct by TCGplayer is intended to increase a seller’s orders and lower the expenses they incur from shipping an order to a customer, as well as provide resolution for any issues that come up via TCGplayer Customer Experience.

Direct replaces a seller’s usual expenses by applying a shipping replacement cost to the seller’s account. The Shipping Replacement Cost is generated on a weight basis, factoring in all the typical weights and costs per package. For a more detailed breakdown of the Shipping Replacement Cost, including an example, see the Shipping Replacement Cost help file. The shipping replacement cost is non-refundable for Direct orders.

Customer (Buyer) Support

TCGplayer addresses all customer inquiries relating to TCGplayer Direct orders. Direct sellers are not liable for product that fails to reach or satisfy Direct buyers once a Direct Order has been placed. Negative feedback for a Direct order will not count toward a seller’s feedback rating.


Appointment of TCGplayer as Limited Payments Agent

TCGplayer will receive payments on your behalf as your agent. You hereby appoint TCGplayer as your agent for the limited purpose of receiving, holding and settling payments for sales you make in the TCGplayer Marketplace.

You agree that payment received by us from a buyer, on your behalf, satisfies the buyer’s obligation to make payment to you in the amount of the payment received, regardless of whether we actually settle such payment to you. If we do not make any such payment to you as described in this Agreement, you will have recourse against us only and not against the buyer, as such payment is deemed to be made by the buyer to you upon receipt by us. To the extent permissible under the rules of any third-party or governmental body with jurisdiction over us, you agree that in accepting this appointment as your agent we are not liable for your acts and omissions and you understand that we disclaim any such liability.

Receipt and Settlement of Funds

When a product sells through Direct, the following occurs:

  • TCGplayer collects payment from the buyer.
  • TCGplayer ships the sold card(s) to the buyer on the seller’s behalf.
  • The seller ships a copy of the sold card(s) to TCGplayer as part of their next RI.
  • After TCGplayer receives the RI, TCGplayer deducts any applicable amounts from the seller’s proceeds for missing cards or condition issues. (These deductions currently appear as “Adjustments” in the Payments tab of the seller portal and can be viewed in detail using the “View Orders” link associated with each payment.)
  • The remaining seller’s proceeds are settled to the sellers based on the payment process described in the Marketplace Seller Agreement.

Direct sellers will be paid for orders placed by a Direct buyer regardless of TCGplayer’s ability to fulfill the order once it has been placed. This ensures that sellers are protected from any fulfillment challenges that occur once a Direct Order has been placed.

If a buyer cancels their Direct order, TCGplayer absorbs the cost and coordinates the logistics of the cancellation. The seller will be able to view this refund in the seller portal. The seller’s responsibilities for a canceled order will not change. All cards in the order will appear on the seller’s next RI, and TCGplayer will pay the seller for the order when the RI is received by the Authentication Center.


TCGplayer classifies the condition of cards as detailed in our Card Condition Guidelines. By participating in TCGplayer’s Direct Program, you grant TCGplayer the right to determine which cards meet or do not meet the condition criteria outlined in the condition guidelines. TCGplayer is not obligated to provide proof or reasoning for condition determinations or rejection of products during authentication and review for any reason.

Direct buyer disputes are handled and resolved by TCGplayer Customer Experience.


You may terminate your participation in Direct at any time by written notice or via email to TCGplayer. TCGplayer reserves the right to terminate a user’s participation in Direct at any time for any reason at its sole discretion, with or without notice to the user. TCGplayer reserves the right to monitor user accounts to determine if policies or laws are being broken. TCGplayer reserves the right to remove or edit any content supplied by users. Any illegal or fraudulent activity may be reported to law enforcement or other third parties. Upon termination, the seller must pay TCGplayer any fees that were incurred prior to the effective date of termination and reimburse TCGplayer for products owed in the form of a final RI or payment in the form of Replacement Fees at TCGplayer’s discretion. TCGplayer reserves the right to collect outstanding balances for funds owed by the seller to TCGplayer through legal action and/or utilization of third party collection agencies.

Termination of a seller’s participation within the TCGplayer Marketplace will result in the automatic termination of the seller’s participation within the Direct by TCGplayer program.


If any section of this Agreement is deemed unlawful, void or unenforceable, then that section shall be deemed severable and the remainder of the Agreement will remain in force. Failure to enforce any section of this Agreement by TCGplayer does not constitute a waiver of TCGplayer’s right to enforce such section or any other section in the future.


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