Shipping Sizes


When adjusting your Shipping Settings you can set your Shipping Cost for four different product sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

TCGplayer makes the determination to assign a product a size based upon its dimensions and weight.

  • Please see a full explanation of how your Shipping Costs can impact your overall sales here.
  • For a more detailed discussion of Shipping Categories please see our Shipping FAQ.

When you first launch your store you begin as a Level 1 Seller. This restriction limits your available Shipping Cost options. Once you become a Level 4 Seller you can then set your own dynamic Shipping Cost as low as $0.00!

Typical items for each of the four different product size categories are shown below for your review:

  Small   Medium   Large   Extra Large

Examples of Small Products:

  • CCG and TCG Singles
  • HeroClix Feat Cards, Tokens, and Pogs
  • Small Board and Card Games

Examples of Medium Products:

  • Most HeroClix Single Figures
  • CCG and TCG Booster Packs
  • HeroClix 1-5 Figure Packs
  • Star Wars: Destiny Card and Die or Die Only
  • Most CCG and TCG Supplies like sleeves
  • Medium Board and Card Games

Examples of Large Products:

  • HeroClix Figures with bases 2x2, 2x4
  • CCG and TCG Booster Boxes
  • CCG and TCG Booster Deck Packs
  • HeroClix Super Boosters
  • HeroClix Starter Sets
  • Large Board and Card Games

Examples of Extra Large Products:

  • CCG and TCG Booster Cases
  • HeroClix Figures with bases 3x6
  • HeroClix Bricks & Cases
  • HeroClix Super Boosters
  • Oversize Board and Card Games
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