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TCGplayer makes it simple for a Buyer to shop by ordering our product’s prices by the cheapest Price + Shipping Cost. This means that prices listed towards the top have a combined Price + Shipping Cost that is cheaper than those below them, and as such they are more likely to sell faster.

When you first launch your store you begin as a Level 1 Seller. This restriction limits your available Shipping Cost options. Once you become a Level 4 Seller you can then set your own dynamic Shipping Cost as low as $0.00! Additionally you can set different Shipping Costs based upon the size of your item (Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large).

  • To adjust your Shipping Cost you can visit: Shipping Settings

  • For more details on Product Sizes please read the following document: Shipping Sizes

  • For further information and advanced shipping examples please read: Shipping FAQ

The Shipping Cost that you assign to each Shipping Size (Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large) are added to your item prices across the site. So if you have a Small Item listed for $5.00 and assign a Shipping Cost of $.99, then the overall calculated cost of that product is $5.99. Therefore lowering your Shipping Cost has a huge impact on the overall placement of your products and can greatly increase the likelihood that your items will sell.

Many customers utilize our Cart Optimizer® tool, which scours ALL of our online sellers and rebuilds their cart with the cheapest available combined Product + Shipping Cost. This is yet another reason your orders will greatly increase if you choose to decrease your Shipping Cost.

Once you lower your Shipping Costs, a store that on average receives 5 orders per day may receive more than 50 orders overnight. If you feel that you will not be able to handle a large volume of orders in a timely fashion while adhering to the Buyer Safeguard you should not decrease your Shipping Cost.

However, you also must take into account the actual cost to ship a product in the mail. TCGplayer recommends that you ship any package over $20.00 in value with Delivery Confirmation or Tracking for your own protection. Additionally, for even higher value items you may want to consider protecting yourself by purchasing Insurance and/or Signature Required.  Please take the time to read the Help File: Shipping Guidelines for Cards so you are familiar with the TCGplayer expectations of our Sellers.


It is very important that you are mindful of the drastic impact that lowering your Shipping Cost will have on your sales. To find the Shipping Cost that is best for your store, you should experiment with raising and lowering both your item and Shipping Cost and monitoring how your sales increase and decrease within 24-48 hours after the change. When the Shipping Cost is lowered you must also take into account the actual cost to ship a product in the mail. TCGplayer recommends that you ship any package over $20.00 in value with Delivery Confirmation or Tracking for your own protection. Additionally, for orders of $49.99 or higher you MUST include Tracking / Delivery Confirmation.   For orders of $250.00 or more you MUST include Tracking / Delivery Confirmation and Signature Required.  You may want to consider protecting yourself by purchasing Insurance.  Please read all of the Shipping Guidelines for Cards and make sure you're familiar with the expectations for Sellers on TCGplayer.

Listed below are the “estimated” costs of shipping:

Small Item with Tracking: $3.80

Bubble mailer = $.90, Shipping = $2.00, Tracking = $.80, Top Loader/Sleeve = $.10

Small Item without Tracking: $0.91

Envelope = $.35, Stamp = $.46, Top Loader/Sleeve = $.10

You need to factor in the costs of shipping along with the TCGplayer Fees when determining which items you want to list for sale. If you have only a few items available for sale you may not want to list $5.00 and under items as doing so may actually lose you money on a sale. But, if you have hundreds or thousands of items for sale, on average you will entice people to buy multiple items from your account.

For example:

If you list a Small item for $1.00 and it sells with a Shipping Cost of $0.00.

You must factor in:

Shipping & Fees = $.91 (shipping) + 2.5% + $.50 (processing fee) + 8.5% (TCGplayer fee)

The total cost of selling this card = $1.52 in shipping and fees for an item that is listed at $.24, thus you would be losing $1.28 on this sale. (Please note that TCGplayer does not allow a Buyer to checkout with less than $1.00 in items from your store) Many high volume Sellers occasionally do lose money on small orders listed in the above example. But they balance this against an increase in multi-item orders that they receive because of their lower shipping cost.

USPS site for further details and exact Shipping Costs which will assist you when deciding upon your Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large default settings for our site.


If you have read and understand all of the information detailed in this document and choose to lower your Shipping Cost, please keep in mind that if orders become too overwhelming you can temporarily deactivate your store inventory via your dashboard:

Simply log into your Seller Account and in the upper right hand corner you will see a box containing your Inventory Status, click on the Edit link and then press the Hide Your Inventory button.

Once you have caught up and have shipped all of your orders, you can reactivate your account via this same Edit link.

While your Inventory is hidden you can still send and receive messages and payments will be active for your account.

If you have any difficulties re-activating your account please contact our Sales Team for assistance.

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