Navigating Your Orders Tab

Managing orders is a huge part of your workflow when you sell on That's why we provide tools that make it easy for you to pull, pack and ship your orders quickly and easily. Simply go to the Orders tab in your Seller Portal to get started.

Your Order List

In the Orders tab, unshipped orders will appear with a green highlight behind them indicating that they are "Ready to Ship". You can use the check boxes to the left of each order to select a batch of orders, then print their corresponding pull sheets or packing slips or export shipping information.

Within your Orders tab, you'll also see enhanced tools that you can use for the last 90 days of orders. You'll be able to narrow down your orders using advanced search filters. (Note: By default, you'll see all orders from all channels.) Plus, you can streamline your workflow by marking multiple packages as shipped either by importing tracking numbers or using the "Mark as Shipped" button.

The Mark as Shipped button will be disabled until an order is selected via the check boxes on the left.


Simply check the boxes next to the orders you shipped, then click the "Mark as Shipped" button. Note: Only Orders in a "Ready to Ship" status will be processed when the "Mark as Shipped" button is selected. Tracking is not handled within the "Marked as Shipped" button functionality. If the order requires tracking and you use the "Marked as Shipped" button, the system will skip over that order and will not update it to Shipped status.


Note: You can also export the Order List to a CSV using the "Export Order List" button on the far right. This export will include all the orders in the list, taking into account any filters that may be applied.

Once you press the "Mark as Shipped" button, you'll see a confirmation message that indicates how many orders you updated.


Order Details Page

For more information on an individual order, click the Order # or the Manage button to view the Order Details page. You will see the shipping address, the shipping speed, a printable packing slip option and a "Contact Buyer" button. If you want to mark an individual order as shipped, either enter the Tracking Number on the Order Details page or click on the "Ship Without Tracking" button if you choose to ship the order without tracking. We will then notify the buyer that the order has been shipped. 

To cancel or provide partial refunds please read Full & Partial Refunds. For information on how payments work after you confirm shipment please read Payments


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