Pricing Your Items For Direct by TCGplayer Fullfillment

Part of the process of listing your product through your Direct by TCGplayer Fulfillment account entails setting up your pricing in your Staged inventory. If you'd like to get a head start on entering your prices before we receive and upload your Fulfillment shipment please use this slight variation in workflow to ensure that your inventory quantities remain accurate. For best results, please refer to these related help files before updating your pricing:

Using Our Pricing Tools

Importing and Exporting CSVs to Mass Update Prices and Quantities

Importing your pricing

From the Pricing tab, just click on the "Import to Staged" button shown below:


After you initiate your CSV upload you will see a pop up that will confirm the validation of your CSV:


You will then be presented with the following modal.  Please be sure to press the "View Staged Inventory" button as selecting "Move to Live" here will overwrite any quantities for product that we have uploaded for you, which will require us to then re-upload your inventory quantities:


Pushing your prices to Live

After you have your pricing set, and after we have uploaded your Fulfillment shipment, you can now move your prices and inventory to live and begin making sales! When you are ready, simply hit the "Move to Live" button as shown below:




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