Where to Get Assistance

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Below is a list to identify your issue and find the best point of contact to reach a solution!

Issues Contact Resources
Catalog Contact our Catalog Team at catalog@tcgplayer.com  

TCGplayer Help

For Specific Orders: Contact our Customer Experience Team by using the “Escalate This Thread” button in the Messages tab of your Seller Portal, or by submitting a request through TCGplayer Help

What do I do if my order/package is missing?

How do I manage in-store orders for my Pro account?

Managing Orders with Channels

Card Condition: Reduce Order Disputes

Order Issues and Prewritten Responses: Consistency and Speed

Speed Up Your Workflow with Our Order Management Tools

Take Control of Your Workflow with Order Management Tools

How do my in-store customers use my kiosk to browse my inventory?

Feature Requests TCGplayer Help

Tools & Features

Pro Website & Kiosk

Quicklist Card Scanning Software

Growing or expanding your business Set up a meeting with our Seller Growth & Success Team or email success@tcgplayer.com

Customer Success: Growing Your Store

Seller Tips: Leveling Up Your New TCGplayer Account

Should You Sell Pokémon Cards?

Small Business Tips

Starting The Professional Journey

TCGplayer Expanding Your Customer Base, Revising Marketplace Commissions

Start Selling

Listing TCGplayer Help

How do I list card singles?


How do I list sealed products?


Adding Cards to Your Inventory


Listings with Photos

Policy TCGplayer Help Rules & Policies
Site Feedback TCGplayer Help  
TCGplayer Account TCGplayer Help

Your Account & Ordering

Technical Contact our Support Analysts at techsupport@tcgplayer.zendesk.com   
Roca For Roca support, please contact us through your dedicated Roca Slack channel.  


For any issues not listed in this table, please fill out our help request form!

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