New Seller FAQ


How do I sell cards on TCGplayer? 

  • If you're located in the U.S., there are multiple ways you can list your items with TCGplayer. To learn more, click here.


Do I have to provide a W-9?

  • Federal Regulations require TCGplayer to collect W-9 tax information before issuing any form of payment to sellers, including those who receive their payments in the form of TCGplayer store credit or to their Buylist Withholdings. To ensure that we comply with these regulations, we require all sellers to complete a digital W-9 Tax form. Click here to read our W-9 Requirements FAQ. 


How do I list inventory? 

  • For step-by-step instructions on how to list singles, click here. If you're looking to list sealed products, you can find instructions here


What are Listings With Photos? 

  • A: Listings with Photos allow you to add your own photos to your listings on the TCGplayer Marketplace. By doing so, customers can see exactly what they're getting, making them more confident in buying your products. This opens the door to selling even more high-value items, like rare cards, graded cards, and signed cards. To learn more about Listings with Photos, click here


What are TCGplayer's shipping policies? 

  • Here are step-by-step shipping instructions for Direct by TCGplayer, Store Your Products (SYP), and Sort Your Products to ensure your packages arrive safely and correctly for each program. These steps contain the information you need to successfully prepare, package, and ship to TCGplayer.

    For more information on shipping settings, best practices, and more, check out our help center here. 


How do I apply for TCGplayer Pro? 


How do I apply for Direct by TCGplayer? 

  • Joining Direct by TCGplayer is easy! Once you meet the following criteria, reach out to us here, and our Customer Service team will help!
    • Level 4 seller
    • 99.5% feedback rating over the past 30 days
    • Direct eligible inventory of approximately 3,000 cards
    • 100 sales per month, averaging $600 per week

These criteria are in place because we have determined that these are the points at which sellers achieve maximum value from the Direct program. We are excited to see how Direct works for your business! 


What is a Certified Hobby Shop?

  • Certified Hobby Shops (CHS) are sellers that have officially verified with TCGplayer that they are a licensed reseller of gaming merchandise and have a storefront location. The black canopy icon guarantees that a buyer purchases their product from a genuine brick-and-mortar game store. If you'd like to apply to be a CHS, follow the instructions here. 


How does TCGplayer calculate fees? 

  • When selling with TCGplayer, commission fees are applied to your transaction based on where the sale took place and which programs you are a part of. You can find fees for your specific program here.


When does TCGplayer issue payments? 

  • Payments are initiated for sales listed as "Completed - Pending Payment" by TCGplayer every Monday and Thursday after TCGplayer fees have been deducted. Payments made via direct deposit usually appear in accounts after four business days, although the official timing of payments depends on your banking institution. TCGplayer recommends that you speak with your bank to confirm payment timing. Payments made via store credit are made immediately after being initiated.

    For more information on payments, check out our help article here


I'm going on vacation. How do I temporarily pause my inventory? 

  • If you're going on vacation or planning to be away from your store for any reason, you can temporarily deactivate your store's inventory by following the instructions here.


How do I resolve a customer issue? 

How do I resolve missing orders/packages for my customers?

  • If a buyer claims they haven't received an order they made through TCGplayer, sellers are responsible for resolving disputes. This help article outlines how you can resolve missing orders for your customers. 


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